Sharon Nettles

What Sharon Does at CEI

Now she has been afforded the wondrous opportunity of serving as the Early Learning Specialist with the Center for Education Innovation. She has now been given the opportunity, under the Allies for Quality Care program, to share not only what she has come to learn, but she can truly relate as she has been in the same position as those that she is now assisting. In 2013, she earned her National Director Credential from the McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership at National Louis University.

Sharon Nettles is the lovely wife of 18 years to the handsome Charles W. Nettles, Jr. and they are the proud parents of three adorable young men: Charles, III (Trey), Chauncey, and Caleb. Sharon and family are members of New Jerusalem Church in Jackson, Mississippi. Sharon received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Home Economics from Alcorn State University in 1994.

After graduation, she was afforded the opportunity to work as a 4-H Youth Agent for the Mississippi State University’s Extension Service for one year in Pontotoc, Mississippi. Afterwards, she worked with Alcorn State University’s Extension Program for 10 years as a Home Economist in Jackson, Mississippi. While juggling the duties of motherhood and work, Sharon’s heart became heavy as she dropped her children off at school daily. While feeling such a burden, Sharon stepped out in faith and turned in her resignation to become a child care provider. Sharon started out with little to no direction, just a love in her heart to care for her children. She started out with one child to care for in their home, which was her middle child, Chauncey. Still with a vision and trusting in God to work things out, eventually the students started to come in. Sharon transformed their home into a full Child Care Center which was Building Blocks Christian Academy, LLC. Her motto was “Stepping Stones to Building Character and High Quality Education”. She operated this business for nine years. Sharon has often said, “if you don’t see it when you say it, you won’t recognize it when it manifests”.

Three years ago, Building Blocks Christian Academy was chosen as a pilot child care center for the Allies for Quality Care Program. This organization helped her increase the overall quality of her center.

The road traveled by a person that is truly concerned for the well being of our most vulnerable children can be tough. But I am reminded of the words from the great poet, Maya Angelou, “You may shoot me with your words, You may cut me with your eyes, You may kill me with your hatefulness, BUT still, like air, I’ll rise.” I have risen because of my passion, faithfulness, and love for what I do. I now look forward to the new challenges that await me in the near future.

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