Leadership Development & School Improvement

It takes outstanding leadership to attract and encourage an outstanding teaching staff. The truly exceptional schools are led by exceptional principals who understand teaching and learning and know-how to help teachers improve. CEI will provide leadership development in models that can be taken to scale across the state of Mississippi.


Community, Family & School Engagement

Accountability and support are two sides to the same important coin of Community Engagement in education. Communities and schools must work together for the betterment of both. CEI’s Community, Family, and School Engagement program area provides resources and technical assistance to communities and schools seeking to create quality outcomes for all children.


Child Development & Early Learning

CEI will conduct meetings to inform a cross section of stakeholders of the need for high quality early childhood education through a series of summits focusing on policy, economic benefits, programs in neighboring states, program criteria, and collaboration. Early childhood development and learning ensures children are ready to learn when they go to school and have the foundation to build the skills necessary to be productive members of society and the workforce when they graduate.