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It’s More Than Just A Pizza Party

In November, 2014 I just stated providing TA to C M & I Daycare center.  The center director, Linda Loftin, was out ill and her designee Portia Hinton was in the office that day.  While I was working with Portia, one of the student, Malik Walker, came in the office and wanted to ask Portia a question.     Portia reminded him […]

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Teaching: What Do Great College Professors Have in Common?

In a year in which we’re exploring great teaching, it’s a good time to talk with Ken Bain. He’s a longtime historian, scholar and academic who has studied and explored teaching for decades, most notably in his 2004 book, What the Best College Teachers Do.   You focused on 100 college professors in a wide variety of institutions and disciplines. […]

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