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Described as the “silver lining” behind the cloud of Hurricane Katrina, The Mississippi Center for Education Innovation (CEI) is a nonprofit education intermediary that supports and connects families, early learning environments, schools and communities to resources, technical assistance, and best practices that prepare vulnerable children to become productive members of a global society. Since 2008, CEI has worked to improve education in Mississippi at both the state and local levels by building public will and demand for quality education starting with early childhood. CEI has incubated and spread innovations in education to build capacity across Mississippi by leveraging limited resources and partnering with other organizations through collective action.

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Education Funding in Mississippi: How Are We Actually Doing?

Education Funding in Mississippi: How...

February 1, 2015

By: Ayatti Hatcher

Overarching concept: Despite narratives to the contrary, public education for Mississippi’s children is funded at some of the lowest levels in the natRead More